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I played your game and had fun. 


Ty for playing my game! :D


I gave the game a shot and liked the graphics. It felt a bit too quiet and I wish I could freely control the flashlight separately from my character as I was walking. But, it's a nice start.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

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Ty so much for trying my game out! :D
After i watched your video you got me to think about some stuff that i could remake or add so ty again it means alot! :) 


Was a nice game with some clear potential, loved the graphics of it! 

Here's a video from my experience with the game :) 

Ty so much for making a video about my game! I Can see and hear in your video that i need to fix alot of things In game that i did not Think about..

And Why did you not film The inventory or talk about the loot? Or just The story? I Got kinda sad because u did not talk about it.. But your really Nice words about my game made my Day! Ty i really appreciate it! :D 

Glad I could help you a bit :). 

When i edit videos I only pick up highlights of the game that I've play which means I don't always show and/or explain everything. Just the style of my videos :) 

Comment some feeback so i know what i can do better :) 

I'm stuck atm, trying to figure out what I should do after activating the Control Panel :) 

then u have completed the game :) 
there is not more atm.. working on it :) 
but u can try to see if u can find all the hidden treasures!! :D

Oh okay, would be great if something would say that, since I walked around for a very long time afterwards. Something like "Thanks for playing the demo".  So you know when the game is 'finished' :) 

thats a really good idea! xD
and ty for playing my game and wrote some feedback!
hope you liked the game :) 

Thank you for sharing it :).

It had some potential, I'm editing a video for it that'll be out most likely later today where you can see my experience with the game :)