A downloadable game for Windows


WIP (Work In Progress) 


Is a single player dungeon crawler action role-playing game developed by 1 man.

The game is really short and still needs alot of work.
Right now there is 1 attack and 2 items to pick up (heal potion and a sword).
The only reason its on here is because i need feedback so i can make it better.
So please leave a comment. 
!!The 3 First pictures are not in the game at the moment working on them:!!
They are just there so you can see whats coming.
Remember to read the Updates!

I will try to update the game as much as possible.
use the app https://itch.io/app too get the updates automaticly. 

Left Mouse button: to walk
Right Mouse button: to attack
E key: To pick up items
Tab key: To open your inventory
Esc key: To Pause/Open main menu

Working on: 
*Death scene 
*More skills 
*Lvl up 
*Equip items 

Only on Windows 64-bit


unnamedwip-win.zip 2 GB
Version 6 Feb 19, 2019

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